Boy’s haircut ‘on the fringe’

Aran Bali
Aran Bali

A 10-year-old schoolboy was given a warning over his trendy haircut – which was deemed too “ extreme” to fit in with school policy.

Aran Bali was proud of his short back and sides haircut. But his school objected because his hair was longer on top , with teachers at Milton Keynes Preparatory School describing it as “inappropriate”.

Dad Sunil Bali saidhis son was not suspended over the incident, but said the school issued a warning last Thursday asking him to ensure his son’s hair was the same length all over.

“It was a lot of hassle and agro,” said Mr Bali of Shenley Church End. “I think someone at the school just doesn’t understand fashion.

“It wasn’t unexpected because the school is quite strict, but his hair’s hardly short if you compare it to some of the haircuts in other schools.

“I think my gripe would be that you can have long hair which is a complete mess, but it is not classed as an extreme haircut.

“Aran’s is very neat and tidy – I certainly would not class it as extreme.”

Headteacher Hilary Pauley said: “The school asks that hair be neat and tidy with no extremes of fashion.

“We do respect cultural differences whilst upholding the standards of the school.”