Boys arrested after dog is thrown from bridge

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THREE teenagers have been arrested after reports a dog was stolen and thrown from a bridge on to a busy city grid road on Saturday morning.

Officers are now investigating the incident which has left the Jack Russell in a serious condition with a suspected broken leg.

Police received reports of a theft of a dog in St Leger Drive, Great Linford, at 11am.

It is thought that four boys took the Jack Russell, named Harry, from outside of the Co-op store.

Reports suggest the boys then demanded money from the owner, who had confronted them, and when they didn’t get it they took the dog and ran towards the bridge that runs over the V8 Marlborough Street.

Officers received numerous reports from members of the public who then saw the boys throw the dog from the bridge before running off in the direction of Stantonbury.

Police helicopters were briefly deployed to try and find the boys.

Later, three teenage boys were arrested in connection with the incident involving the dog and the altercation with the owner.

All three have been given police bail until September 22.

Harry survived the incident and is currently receiving medical treatment with a city vet.

There is currently no further information on his condition.

A post on the RSPCA Milton Keynes and North Bucks Branch Facebook page has been inundated with comments since staff confirmed the news yesterday morning.

The RSPCA is now paying the medical bills for Harry, who initially had to be put under sedation due to pain caused by the injuries.

Responding to the message on the social networking site, Jan Hughes said: ‘That is a disgusting to do. I so hope the little dog gets through this terrible ordeal and the thugs get what they deserve.’

Helen Wlson, also speaking on Facebook, said: ‘What sort of ‘person’ thinks like that?

‘Are they so devoid of human emotion that they just saw the dog as a commodity they could exploit for financial gain?’

And a string of posts were added by user, Ellen Cheyne. In one she said: “We need tougher punishments for deliberate acts of cruelty towards innocent and defenceless little animals.

“These deviants who are cruel to animals also turn their cruel intentions to other innocents, for example, children and vulnerable people.

“There is clinical evidence which proves this, but we know this anyway without the scientific research.”

Anyone with information should call Thames Valley Police on 101.

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