Brain tumour boy Ashya King is cancer-free, say parents

The parents of brain tumour boy Ashya King, jailed for taking him abroad for treatment, claim they saved his life.

Seven months after removing their son from hospital against doctor’s advice, Brett and Naghmeh King say the five-year-old is now cancer free.

Last August, the couple, who lived next door to the Grove Independent School on Redland Drive, Loughton, took Ashya to Prague for treatment that was unavailable in the UK.

His parents, who were prominent members of the city’s Jehovah’s Witness community, disagreed with the treatment he was receiving at Southampton General Hospital. They wanted him to be given proton beam therapy - a treatment the NHS does not provide in the UK.

The family flew to Spain, but British authorities called for the couple’s arrest and they were held in Madrid’s Soto Del Real prison for more than 24 hours.

Speaking to the Sun newspaper about Ashya’s “miracle” recovery, Mr and Mrs King claimed Ashya would have died if he had remained under NHS care in Britain.