Brave Milton Keynes boy Josh to realise Reggie and Bollie dream

Joshua Cullip performing
Joshua Cullip performing

A talented nine-year-old with a terminal illness is to be guest of honour at an open air concert.

Joshua Cullip will hopefully be singing alongside his heroes, X Factor rappers Reggie and Bollie.

X-Factor runners-up Reggie 'n' Bollie AKA Reggie Zippy and Ishmael Hamid

X-Factor runners-up Reggie 'n' Bollie AKA Reggie Zippy and Ishmael Hamid

The youngster, who won the Citizen’s Pride award for bravery last year, has Neimann-Pick Type C Disease.

A degenerative condition often dubbed childhood dementia, it means he will gradually lose his ability to walk, talk, eat, see and even remember things that happen to him.

Singer Teresa Diamond, who runs Spirit Performing Arts, has vowed to organise the special concert to give Joshua “the most perfect day” – while he is still able to remember it.

She said: “Joshua is a hugely talented performer who, despite big problems with his memory, learns and nails songs and performance routines to perfection.

“He loves performing arts and everything that comes with it.”

Joshua’s favourite fellow performers are Reggie and Bollie, who were finalists in last year’s X Factor.

Teresa approached their management to see if they were free to perform at the May 31 concert.

The pair agreed to waive half of their normal fee, but this still leaves Teresa with a hefty sum to raise.

She has now set up a page on GoFundMe called ‘Whilst I am still able to remember’.

An appeal has also been made on Facebook on a page called Joshua’s hope.

Said Teresa: “If everyone could donate £1, our target would be reached in no time.

“Please help us to give Josh the perfect day.”