Brave mum, 16, speaks out about tragic baby death

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A tragic 16-year-old mum has told how her newborn baby died in her boyfriend’s arms while they were waiting for a midwife and ambulance to arrive.

This week Milton Keynes Hospital has launched an enquiry into how warning signs about the state of little Colby Walsh were missed.

‘We knew he was dying but no-one was there’


The 61b 1oz tot was born to mum Caitlin two weeks ago after a traumatic 11 day labour.

“It was horrible. His heartbeat dropped to 60 beats a minute several times and at the end he needed forceps and suction to get him out,” said Caitlin.

Immediately after birth she and her partner, who is 19, noticed the left side of their son’s face was droopy and his eye would not open properly.

“The midwives said they’d get him checked out but nothing happened,” she said.

Despite the young parents’ concerns, they were discharged home alone to their Bletchley flat at 11.30pm the day after the birth.

Two days later Colby woke from a sleep and suddenly started gushing milk out of his nose.

“We called the labour ward immediately and told them something was not right. They said they were busy but promised a midwife would come out to us within two hours,” said Caitlin.

An hour-and-a-half ticked by and Colby became listless. As his parents cuddled him, he gave a sudden gasp then stopped breathing.

“He was in my boyfriend’s arms. We were screaming and dialled 999 for an ambulance.

“The lady who answered told us how to do CPR but it wasn’t working.

“We knew our baby was dying right there in front of us and nobody was there to save him.”

An ambulance arrived within 11 minutes and Colby was rushed to Milton Keynes Hospital, where medics managed to resuscitate him. He was transferred to John Radcliffe at Oxford, but the brain damage suffered was too severe for him to survive.

His life support machine was switched off on July 30. He was six days old.

Said Caitlin: “The doctors think there could have been brain damage, possibly due to the birth, that was not picked up. This would explain why one side of his face was droopy.”

The couple are now saving up for their son’s funeral.

“We feel devastated....we feel let down. We feel nobody was there for us when our baby needed help. I don’t think we will ever recover, said Caitlin.

“We thank the Citizen for listening to us and printing our story. We hope lessons will be learned from Colby’s death and others will not suffer like we have,” added the brave mum.

A spokesman for MK Hospital said: “Our condolences are with the family during this difficult time. We are conducting a full investigation into the death of baby Colby.”