Brave Sinead takes Pride from award night

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DESPITE still being in her teens, Sinead Petworth has been highly commended at the Pride of MK awards for setting up her own successful charity.

Sinead, from Conniburrow set up Long Term UK after she was abused as a child.

She suffers from asthema, anaemia, neuritis and many allergies which has made her life both physically and emotionally tough growing up.

But Sinead has tried to bounce back, and was highly commended in the Child of Courage category at the awards earlier this month.

Sinead said: “I did not think I was even going to get to the final, as there was a lot other people who are brave and have done good things and they should all be proud of themselves for what they have achieved.

“It meant a lot to me after everything I have been through, and I felt so proud.

“I have had to overcome a lot through the past few years. I suffered from physical abuse in my childhood, which turned into a bad event before I moved to Milton Keynes that really shook me up and took me a year to fully get over.”

Her charity, Long Term UK (LTC UK) is in need of donations to continue the great work she does, supporting those suffering from long term health conditions.

“My conditions especially my scoliosios and asthma make walking painful and breathing difficult,” she said.

“I never take the small things for granted, like shopping and going out as my health can make these things hard to do.

“I know my health is just going to get worse and I will have a lifetime of medication routines and treatments but I won’t let that stop me.

“My charity was set up after I found out how the badly treated people like me are and how bad the services are.

“It is hard to get set up and it is in desperate need of donations and support to carry on the work.

“The campaign ‘better care for people with long term conditions’ can also be found on Facebook. The aim is to change the way health professionals treat people like me and to improve the services we have.

“At the moment, I am trying to raise funds to start the work of the charity by trying to organise a big fundaraisng event for all the family but heavily rely on people’s kind donations.”

To help Sinead and LTC UK, email