Breathe easy at Salt Cave open day

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SUFFERERS of chest and lung disease COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) could enjoy a better life thanks to salt therapy.

This is the message from organisers of the Milton Keynes Salt Cave open day – being held for the first time to celebrate World COPD Day on November 16.

Salt therapy, which is completely drug-free, uses a dry aerosol of salt microparticles to treat respiratory and dermatological ailments. The tiny salt particles clean the respiratory system, and can even reach into the deepest part of the lung.

Brenda Davies, of Milton Keynes, a chronic bronchitis and asthma sufferer, is a regular visitor to the Salt Cave. She said: “I had a really bad episode just over six weeks ago, and this was when I visited the Salt Cave. I was really struggling to breathe through my nose, which was making it almost impossible to complete everyday tasks.

“I did not feel an instant improvement, but after a few sessions my sinuses began to clear and my breathing became much better.

“I also found myself with more energy and was sleeping better at night. I know it sounds silly but I can actually blow my nose now which is a big thing for a COPD sufferer.

Brenda added: “World COPD Day is a great idea, and I am pleased the Salt Cave is having an Open Day so others can experience the treatment. COPD, which is often brought on by smoking, was ranked as the sixth leading cause of death worldwide in 1990, and it is projected to be the fourth leading cause of death by 2030. The disease accounts for one in eight emergency admissions in the UK and the second highest number of bed days.

Linh Vi, owner of the Milton Keynes Salt Cave, explained salt therapy is a proven treatment for COPD – and hopes the World COPD Open Day leads to more sufferers using the Salt Cave to manage their symptoms.

> The Salt Cave is located at Unit A, Falcon Drive, Old Stratford, Milton Keynes. To book a place call 01908 888480, or alternatively just turn up on the day.