Brightening up the Union canal

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YOU may not know art, but you know what you like – and Great Linford Parish Council want to know about it.

The council has been granted £60,000 to spend on a unique art trail along the Grand Union Canal.

Residents in Downhead Park, Willen, Pennylands and Bolbeck Park are being asked what they’d like to see the money spent on.

Councillor David Stabler said: “It’s a great opportunity because, although this is a very picturesque part of Milton Keynes, we have never had any public art here before.”

The money was awarded to the parish council after the Japanese Gyosei School was demolished and redeveloped for housing.

The challenge for the new ‘Gyosei Art Trail’ is to reflect the natural beauty of the landscape as well as local heritage.

There are four themes: the History of the Canal, Japanese Connections, Fish and Fowl, and Insects and Invertebrates. The project team is holding a residents’ workshop on Friday, June 22 and Saturday, June 23, where people can meet several artists and study samples of their work.

Arts consultant Liisa Clark said: “We’re very keen for residents to come to the workshop, and have their say.

“We need to know what type of artworks they prefer, and where they would like to see them along the trail.

“With fewer galleries to show in, it’s also a good chance for the artists to show their work and talk to people.”

Later this year, the parish council will commission new pieces, created for specific sites, based firmly on residents’ wishes.

The workshop is being held at the Great Linford Parish Council offices, at the Neath Hill local centre, on Friday June 22 from 3pm-7pm and Saturday June 23 from 10am-2pm.