Brilliant Beavers get the message at Milton Keynes Museum

MPMC Aiden at MK Museum
MPMC Aiden at MK Museum

Broadcasting on the radio, sending messages via Morse code, learning Braille and practising semaphore: just some of the activities more than 120 Beaver Scouts from right across the

district took part in at Milton Keynes Museum over the weekend.

The six-eight year olds were working towards their Communication badges, with help from Museum volunteers and Milton Keynes Amateur Radio Society which set up one of the event

highlights - a live radio link between the Beavers and local Scout groups staying at the

Quarries campsite ten miles up the road.

Scouts from as far as Cologne, Germany also made it over the airways to the Museum, as part of the 2014 Scouts’ Jamboree On the Air.

But learning how to transmit and receive over the radio was only one of a wide range of

communications activities laid on for the boys and girls. They also learned to send and

decipher Morse, use semaphore flags for signalling, practised reading Braille – and spent

hours in the Museum’s Connected Earth gallery getting a hands-on lesson in the history of

human communications.

For some of the youngsters the event started on Friday night with a hike to Bradwell

Windmill, and an overnight at the Museum, bedding down, among other places, in the tram

and Wolverton Works boardroom.

Said Dylan Piper, aged seven: “It was awesome! I loved sleeping in the tram with my friends and my

favourite activity was in the telephone room – calling another person.”

Among those taking part were Beavers from 1st Stony Stratford, Wood End, Howe Park, 5th

Newport Pagnell, Middleton, 1st Wolverton, 1st Crownhill, 1st Broughton, Two Mile Ash &

Great Holm, High Ash and Furzton. 
Bill Griffiths, Museum director, said: “We loved helping the boys and girls work for their

Communications badge and one message that came across loud and clear was how much

they were enjoying their visit.”

> The Connected Earth gallery is just one of many areas where special activities are

running for half-term - when the Museum will be open every day 11am-4.30pm. See

To find out more about joining the Beavers, or becoming one of the volunteers helping

to arrange fun activities like the Museum weekend, contact Milton Keynes Scouts via