Bring Walton Park’s streets of shame into 21st century

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AN AREA in Milton Keynes has been named among the top 15 of slowest broadband connections in the entire country.

According to a survey carried out by, an online broadband news site, Walton Park’s average connection speed is just 0.24Mb, when the average nationwide is a more acceptable 6.21Mb – more than 25 times faster.

Alex Buttle, directors of said: “Given that we’re now in 2011 and elsewhere in the country, people are enjoying download speeds in the high double digits, this is simply unacceptable and reinforces the broadband lottery that currently reigns in the UK.

“Broadband providers need to do all they can to ensure such cripplingly slow speeds are rectified and that these streets of shame are brought into the 21st century as soon as possible.”

Milton Keynes Council’s Partnership and Growth Select Committee met with a representative from BT last week to discuss the future of broadband in the city,

At the meeting, Bill Murphy, managing director of BT Next Generation Access, admitted that he had not been in contact with MK Council.

He also said that there were no concrete plans to develop the Woburn Sands and Great Linford exchanges which currently provide internet services for the outskirts of town.