Broadband: Mobile broadband speeds in slow lane

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MILTON Keynes has the slowest 3G mobile broadband speeds in the UK, according to new research.

Businesses, locals and visitors to the city have to endure an average 3G mobile broadband speed of just 1.73 megabits per second (Mbps).

This compares to smartphone users in Peterborough, where the average speed is 3.86Mbps, 123 per cent faster than in Milton Keynes, and the fastest average 3G download speed in the UK.

For many smartphone users in Milton Keynes their 3G mobile broadband speeds will be considerably slower than 1.73 Mbps, but even at this speed it will take up to 10 seconds to load a webpage on a smartphone, an hour to start watching a streamed movie and well over two minutes to download a popular app such as the hit game Angry Birds.

The survey has been carried out by mobile and broadband comparison website,, which analysed thousands of 3G speed tests carried out by smartphone users via Top10’s unique Streetstats 3G mobile broadband speed test tool.

The results reveal a significant variation in mobile broadband download speeds across the UK’s major towns and cities.

The evidence suggests that not only do smartphone users have to put up with frustratingly sporadic 3G signals that can drop off several times during any one day, but many are also living or working in towns and cities where 3G download speeds are at unacceptable levels.

A spokesman for the site said: “There’s clearly quite a disparity when it comes to 3G connectivity across the UK.

Despite efforts by the Government and mobile operators to increase the coverage and speed of 3G services, there is evidently still a long way to go. Across large swathes of the UK, and worryingly in some of the country’s largest towns and cities, 3G mobile broadband speeds simply aren’t up to scratch.”

Mark Lancaster, MP for Milton Keynes North, has backed the Citizen’s campaign for faster broadband in the city and has vowed to raise the issue in parliament to get Government backing.

He said: “I give my full

support to the Citizen’s campaign to increase broadband access and I hope to continue pushing the issue from the Parliamentary end.”

>The Citizen is urging readers to lobby BT Openreach via its Internet Service Providers to highlight the need for a high speed connection in Milton Keynes.

For a letter template,

email, including your name, address and telephone number.