Brothel boss Becky may entertain Lords

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A former city brothel owner has been nominated to address the entire House of Lords at their Christmas charity dinner.

For Madam Becky Adams, who turned over £1 million a year from the prostitution industry in Milton Keynes, it will be the pinnacle of her new career as speaker and consultant.

She would be speaking in front of guest of honour Princess Michael of Kent.

“I think I’ll be perfect for the House of Lords. And if I recognise any faces from the past then I’ll obviously be discreet!” she said.

Madam Becky proved a media sensation after writing her award-winning book of memoirs called Madam: Prostitutes, Punters and Puppets.

After numerous radio and TV interviews here fame as a speaker spread and she found herself booked for more and more prestigious after dinner engagements.

At the same time she set up her own business as a professional consultant, advising companies about customer service.

“I worked in the oldest profession in the world where customer service means everything. There is very little I do not know about it. Businesses seem to really respect my advice and my audiences are fascinated,” she said.

“I teach them how to focus solely on the client’s subconscious requirements and to give them everything they expect.”

Recently Madam Becky was flown out to Rome to address the Young Presidents Organisation.

“It was businessmen and women. They all seemed to enjoy what I had to say,” she said.

She is now busy working on her second book, Seductive Customer Servicing, which she is hoping will be snapped up by companies globally.

The nomination to speak at the House of Lords came through the charity Peace Hospice.

“I’m waiting to hear if I’ve been accepted. I can think of no reason why they shouldn’t.”

Meanwhile Madam Becky has revealed her tip for avoiding nerves when addressing VIP audiences.

“It’s easy. I just shut my eyes and imagine them all naked!”

She retired from brothels in 2009 after 25 years in the business.

Today she helps run Para-Doxies, a not for profit organisation she founded two years ago to enable people who are disabled, elderly or suffering from terminal illnesses to fulfil their sexual needs.