Brotherly love spurs Henry to run marathon

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The bond between two brothers has inspired one to run a marathon so the other can have the strength to walk a few yards down the street.

Alan Goodger was born with a serious heart defect and has needed numerous operations just to stay alive.

Younger brother Henry has vowed to raise money for research into heart disease by running the London Marathon this month – even though it will stretch him to the limit.

“I was so unfit I could only run a mile at a time when I started training,” said 28-year-old Henry.

“Alan can’t run at all – he gets out of breath just walking. But that’s no problem because I can do all the running for him.” Henry has seen 41-year-old Alan undergo constant medical treatment to keep his abnormal heart beating.He’s had countless operations and he’s caused us many terrifying moments,” he said.

Despite everything, dad -of-two Alan, who lives in Milton Keynes, manages to lead a normal life and works in John Lewis warehouse.

Henry aims to raise £1,750 for Heart Research UK. To sponsor him go to http//