Broughton Gate skate park set to close

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THE popular skate park in Broughton Gate looks set to close less than a year after it opened.

The Parks Trust took ownership of the skate park and surrounding parkland from the Homes and Communities Agency this April, and have been inundated with complaints from nearby residents concerning the noise it generates.

The facility is the second play area in the Middleton Ward to prompt complaints about the noise after the play area Southside Lane was also closed shortly after opening.

Councillor John Bint said that both parks were planned poorly and installed in the wrong places.

“In terms of their design, you cannot fault them,” he said. “In fact, you have to give the designers a pat on the back for making the skate park so popular that people have travelled from all over to come and use it.

“The people who come and use it are using it properly - but it’s just in the wrong place. Being so close to the houses, of course it will create a disturbance to those nearby when they set up their PA systems to play loud music and floodlights to use it at night.

“The skate park was built where a small play area was required.”

But while it looks as though the park will have to be destroyed, Mr Bint says that other means are being looked at to ensure young people have somewhere to go.

He said: “We are looking at all the possible alternatives to keep a skate park open, but unfortunately the park doesn’t look moveable.”

Josh Lock, who designed the skate park, said he was disappointed to hear it was likely to be destroyed.

“It’s a shame when you think that there is nothing wrong with the park itself,” he said. “But the fact that the developers haven’t thought about where to put it makes the situation all the more frustrating.”

A spokesman from the Parks Trust said: “We know how disappointed everyone who has enjoyed using the skate park will be if it has to be removed so we are having a final meeting with Milton Keynes Council this week to see if there are any other options we can explore and what the Council might be able to do to provide an alternative facility.”

> The video featured was posted on YouTube by joebruceretnolds under the headline ‘Don’t Close Broughton Skate Park’

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