Brown will take care of the Blues at Oli-ventful gig

Clare Teal
Clare Teal

ACOUSTIC Alchemy jazz up a Thursday evening at The Stables by bringing a more contemporary style to the genre when they go live at The Stables this evening, writes Sammy Jones

The group is currently in a celebratory year too – with a quarter century of playing under their musical belts.

If that doesn’t suit you, maybe Gilmore Roberts, playing in the intimate surrounds of Stage 2, might appeal.

Katriona and Jamie mix lap tapping guitar with fiery fiddle and trademark harmonies for a distinctive, different feel...

Northern lass Clare Teal has serious lung appeal, as those of you who have been lucky enough to see her on one of her previous dates with the Wavendon venue will be able to verify.

She supported Lisa Minnelli in 2011 too. What a show package that was.

A real gem of a vocalist, she will give an effortless performance spanning some of the best in British songs from the past century – from Ivor Novello to Snow Patrol, with lots and lots inbetween...

She’s a funny lass too, is Clare, so expect some cheeky lines and witty banter during the show, which forms part of her Feeling Good tour.

Ultimate Bowie are your Saturday night attraction.

Put on your red shoes and dance the blues.

Why go dancing in the street when you can bop in the aisles at the Wavendon venue?

Travelling songwriter and storyteller Jinder will take hold on Stage 2, with assistance by Paul Goodwin and Annie Dressner.

His eighth album, Crumbs of Comfort hit the racks at the stop of the month, so expect to hear material from that opus and you’ll be satisfied.

Paul Goodwin, meantime, has been described as the musical lovechild of Leonard Cohen and Ian Dury.

That being so, his performance will be unmissable.

Khyam Akkami is an individual, inventive and energetic musician.

London-based, and of Iraqi descent, his career has driven him from child violinist in Damascus to rock drummer at the BBC Proms.

Expect to be wowed by the quiet musicality of a real player on Sunday, from 8pm.

Tickets are £12.50. Splash £13 more and enjoy a pre-concert taste of the Middle East.

Why cook, when you can have someone else do the hard work?

Tickets for Tuesday’s performance by The Furey’s & Davy Arthur are pretty scarce, but how aboutr checking the playability of Oli Brown on Wednesday evening, when he makes his return to the venue?

Oli, left, is at the forefront of the new breed of guitarists.

Every note is an extension of his passion, and played so expertly and convincingly that you’ll be lost in his performance.

If you want a little enticement, check 2010s album Heads I Win Tails You Lose.

Mojo and Classic Rock magazines popped it in their Top 10 Blues Albums, with the latter declaring Oli ‘One of the best and brightest guitar heroes performing in the world today,’

Fans will be happy to know that the new opus, Here I Am is out on Monday.

Reach for your plastic pal and call MK 280800 with bookings.