Bugs Bunny, Ra Ra Girls, cakes and pedal power!


THE MK Fringe Fest draws to a close this weekend, but there are still some decidedly tasty morsels to be had before curtain down on Sunday, the Cycle Cinema being one of them.

Tomorrow, a cycle-powered cinema will set up in the Margaret Powell Square in the Theatre District.

Visitors are invited to bring their bikes and link them to the dynamos to power the screenings, which are rather fabulous short animations chosen by ridiculously talented MK chap Tim Searle.

That’s his creation, Marvin, above, which was directed by former Ousedale pupil Mark Nute and aired last night in the Theatre Tent at the IF Fest.

If you missed that, we could spin you a line about the piece, but why bother when we can get Simpsons creator Matt Groening to instead?

“Mark Nute’s ‘Marvin’ is a delightful story of a kid who loses his common sense through a hole in his head, plays like a perverse children’s book, and with Steve Coogans deadpan narration, the surprises keep on coming.

“The animation perfectly services the clever story, and the music by Jeff Mercel, along with the imaginative sound design, make for a funny and odd cartoon. I’d love to see this with a theatrical release,” he said.

If those golden words from the mouth of the man that created Bart and Homer don’t excite you, then frankly, nowt will.

But we digress...tomorrow’s bash celebrates the opening of something called the Olympics, and is a freebie.

Tim has picked some classic animations for you – including Bugs Bunny.

Fancy a cake or some liquid refreshments?

No worries, the Ra Ra Girls will be on hand with the goodies.

Pop along and watch between 11am and 2.30pm.