Builder feared dead after fall from balcony in Milton Keynes miraculously survives

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A building worker was airlifted to hospital after miraculously surviving a fall from a balcony on a new housing estate yesterday afternoon.

Residents feared the 42-year-old man was dead after they saw him unconscious on the pavement in Newton Leys, near Bletchley.

Emergency admissions have been up during the bad weather

Emergency admissions have been up during the bad weather

It is not know whether he fell from a first or second floor balcony or even what he was doing on one.

Police, paramedics and the air ambulance rushed to the scene in Santa Cruz Avenue, while fellow workers laid their jackets over the man to keep him warm.

Health and Safety officials also attended in a bid to work out how the accident happened. But so far the cause remains a mystery.

An experienced dry liner, the man was working inside the almost completed properties, fitting plasterboard to internal walls.

The balconies are completed, fitted with full safety barriers, and there is no reason the contractor should have been outside on one, say fellow workers.

He is currently at Oxford’s John Radcliffe hospital, where last night he underwent hours of surgery.

It is understood there is no head injury but there are multiple broken bones.

His condition is said to be stable.

One resident said: “It is an absolute miracle that he survived such a fall onto hard concrete.

“We saw several police cars, paramedics and the air ambulance and we really feared the worst. We are all praying this poor man makes a full recovery.”

The man’s employees, who are holding an investigation into the incident, have praised emergency services for their swift response.