Builder pleads guilty to incest with sister

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A woman who kept a sickening secret for more than 40 years has finally seen her brother convicted of incest.

Brian Taylor, 64, pleaded guilty to having sex with his sister when she was a schoolgirl and he was a young married man.

The Newport Pagnell builder, who runs his own business, was given a 12-month suspended sentence at Harrow Crown Court on Friday.

Taylor, a grandfather of three from Chartwell Place, was placed on the Sex Offenders’ Register for ten years.

He was arrested last year after his sister Marian Lamon plucked up courage to break four decades of silence and go to Milton Keynes police.

“Suddenly I couldn’t keep the secret any more,” said the Stantonbury 58-year-old. “I wanted him to confess to what he’d done and get punished.”

The single episode of incest happened in the late 1960s when Marian, a young teenager and one of 14 children, was staying overnight at her her brother’s flat near their former home in London.

“He was quite newly married and his wife was heavily pregnant. He just came into my bedroom and it happened, I was terrified,” she said.

“I didn’t dare tell my mum or dad because I thought my dad would kill him.

“The only person I told was my husband David when I met him in 1972.”

Marian had a nervous breakdown several years ago, and attributes it to bottling up her feelings for so long,

“One day last year I got up early and thought: ‘Right, that’s it.’ I walked into the police station and told them everything. The police were wonderful.”

Afterwards the gran-of-three had the difficult task of telling her other siblings.

“We were a big Irish close-knit family but sadly this has caused a rift. My own children have been fantastic – I’m lucky to have such a great family – but some of my brothers and sisters won’t talk to me now. ”

But Marian does not regret her actions: “I feel relief after all these years that it is out in the open and he had admitted what he did.”