Bumpy ride over with 10,000 Milton Keynes potholes mended

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A government windfall means more than 10,000 potholes will be repaired on city roads next month.

Milton Keynes Council was this week allocated £371,011 specifically to deal with the pothole problem.

Now it has commissioned dedicated gangs to spend six weeks doing “proper” repair jobs, said Peter Geary, the councillor responsible for highways.

“We have two choices: we can do an emergency patch up job that costs £20 , for each pothole, and will last a few months, or we can spend £40 and fill in each pothole properly so the job will last for years.

“We’ve decided to go for the second option, so hopefully potholes will very soon be a thing of the past in MK.”

On top of the Government money, the council has saved £30,000 from its own budget to plough into improving road surfaces. It will be using new contractors called Ringway, which carry Tarmac on the back of its lorries for a one-stop pothole filling service.

Mr Geary said: “The new money from the government is fantastic news and will finish the job.”