Burglars target food stores in Milton Keynes

Food-focused crooks are targeting takeaway stores by smashing windows and helping themselves to snacks and cash, the Citizen can reveal.

Thursday, 27th December 2018, 12:34 pm
Updated Thursday, 10th January 2019, 11:00 am
Danyals Grill

Over the past few weeks 10 outlets have suffered smash and grab raids in Wolverton and New Bradwell.

In each case the owners faced hefty repair bills to replace broken windows and doors.

Wolverton has suffered eight such attacks in six weeks in and around Stratford Road, enraging the owners and the local community.

The stores are Danyals Grill, Peri-Peri Original, Cafe Balti, Euro Halal, Namji, Akasaka, Royal Sweet and Zouk Lounge.

Many of the owners now want to put shutters up to make their Victorian premises more secure.

But the council will not allow it because they are in a conservation area and must stick to the original windows and doors.

Hasnat Tanveer, whose family runs Danyals Grill, is fighting for the rules to be changed.

“In my experience, the planning offices are more concerned about the conservation guidelines which trump our safety concerns,” he said.

He added: “Not only do we have to face the loss of goods stolen, but we must also replace the doors and windows that the thieves break.

“This is going out of our pockets and not the council’s, so when will our security be taken seriously?”

Hasnat said fellow traders inside the conservation area are now living in constant fear of being broken into.