Bursary for student teachers

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MPMC Latest headlines

Students at UCMK studying Applied Education Studies will receive funding from Milton Keynes Council to help with their course.

The university has formed a partnership with the college to help improve the quality of professionals in primary school education. There are currently 12 teaching assistants on the Applied Education who will benefit from the £200 incentive. The course will run for four years with students studying part time around their work in schools.

Juliet Fern, head of the department of education studies at the University of Bedfordshire, said: “By supporting the professional development of the Applied Education Studies students’ via the bursary, MK Council recognises this course is providing a qualification route for those who wish to progress into teaching, most of whom are teaching assistants at schools in MK .”

Marion Hogan, Workforce Officer for Settings and Schools at MK Council, said: “In addition to teaching assistants, the Applied Education Studies course is designed for anyone working in the education sector, including Nursery Practitioners.”