Business boss takes aim at government over education and immigration

Lord Bilimoria DAJ
Lord Bilimoria DAJ

A leading business figure made a stinging criticism of the government’s immigration policy when he came to Milton Keynes last week.

Lord Bilimoria, who sits in the House of Lords and is a founding member of the UK India Business Council, spoke to the NUS International Students Section Conference in Kents Hill Park on Friday (February 27).

He said the government’s “arbitrary” policies would have a “devastating” effect on the countries economy and education system.

Lord Bilimoria, who is the founder and chairman of Cobra Beer, said: “Cheered on by the opposition benches, the Coalition has imposed a devastatingly regressive set of immigration policies.

“Policies whose only possible outcome is the long-term erosion of our economy and education system.

“To create a net migration target of “tens of thousands” while continuing to include students in government figures is both arbitrary and economically illiterate. It is the product of a Home Office bent on pandering to UKIP’s poisonous xenophobia. While turning its back on the world’s brightest and best.”

Lord Bilimoria took particular aim at Home Secretary Theresa May as well as UKIP leader Nigel Farage, saying: “Politicians like Theresa May are dancing to the tune of Mr Farage.

“While they continue to do so we should not be surprised if the world’s young engineers, mathematicians and entrepreneurs choose to study in Brisbane and Canberra rather than Birmingham and Cambridge.

“Britain should be setting targets to increase student migration.

“Not only that but we should be encouraging them to stay and work here once they have graduated.”