Audi gets service

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A WOBURN restaurant has teamed up with Audi UK in Milton Keynes to help train the motor firm’s employees up to the ultimate level of customer service.

Following a morning of customer service training at the Volkswagen Group National Learning Centre in Garamonde Drive, Wymbush, the employees are treated to lunch at Paris House where they can observe the service given by the Paris House team.

Paris House is Bedfordshire’s only Michelin-starred restaurant. The Audi guests witness and study how two separate teams with very different skills – the kitchen team of chefs and front-of-house team of service staff – are required to work in absolute harmony to ensure the smooth running of the lunch service.

Jane Horridge, customer services development Manager at Audi UK, said: “The course has led to some interesting discussions following the lunch about the ways in which each of us can apply these skills in our day–to-day business activities.”

Phil Fanning, head chef at Paris House, said:“The training has equally been useful to us in highlighting how a company like Audi works hard to maintain its respected brand. In this way we are very similar. It has reminded us all at Paris House that although we have achieved recognition with a Michelin-star, we must work doubly hard to keep it.”