Breakfast event to ask whether 3D printing is the next industrial revolution or just a flash in the pan

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Printing three dimensional objects has the ability to transform international trade and everyday lives.

That’s what delegates at a breakfast networking event in Milton Keynes are set to hear and debate on September 19.

The business and technology forum Biztech will be hosting three expert speakers on the topic of 3D printing at Milton Keynes College. The college, in Chaffron Way, is one of only a few places in Milton Keynes where they have an in-house 3D printer.

Held at the college’s Innovation and Technology Centre, the speakers will include Dr Christopher Tuck of the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC). He’s also Associate Professor in the University of Nottingham’s Faculty of Engineering. He will talk on where research in the field is going, the role of emerging standards and the role of the EPSRC.

All the speakers will take part in a question and answer session to allow attendees to discover how the technology could work for them and how it will expand over the coming years fuelled by Open Source software, collaborative cultures and the exponential rise in computer and software power.

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