centre:mk’s Halloween first

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Prepare to be petrified at centre:mk next month, as one of the UK’s first pop-up Halloween stores comes to the city.

It will be one of five temporary stores opening across the country, which are believed to be the first of their kind.

They will cater for anyone wanting to dress up or prepare their home for October 31.

David Pike, spokesman for the Calendar Club which is opening the stores, said: “We are expecting this to be a big hit in Milton Keynes, 
because it’s a young, fun-loving, 
party-going city. People enjoy having fun and making the most of the 
holidays – and no holiday is more fun than Halloween.”

Terrifying trinkets on offer will include a tolet seat grabber (a 3D image for toilet seats which show a monster reaching out), scene setters that make rooms look like castles or zombie infestations , and ‘glass grabbers’ which make it appear that hands are reaching in through windows.

There are also fancy dress outfits and accessories, including make-up, contact lenses, wigs and tridents.

The store will be open in centre:mk from September 30 to November 1.

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