CMK Post Office to complete move despite negative feedback

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The proposed move of the Central Milton Keynes Post Office out of thecentre:mk will go ahead.

The decision to move from the current location in Crown Walk and re-locate to the Theatre District has been approved, despite negative feedback to a post office consultation on the plans.

In a letter dated April 17, the general manager of the post office’s Crown Network, Roger Gale, admitted that feedback had ‘mainly centered on concerns that the new location would be less convenient’.

But he confirmed the move will be going ahead, despite opposition from users, residents and borough councillors.

Among those angered by the decision is Milton Keynes Council member for Campbell Park, Isobel McCall.

She told the Citizen that the post office had ‘decided to ignore public opinion’.

“When the Theatre District has people in it, that is the time of day the post office will be closed,” she said.

“People who come to the city centre to shop don’t want to walk across the road at the far end of the shopping building.

“It is an awfully long walk. Are they trying to put people off going there?”

Mrs McCall added that among people most likely to use the post office are those ‘who aren’t as mobile, elderly people, lots of mums with pushchairs or people who need disabled access’.

She said: “Post offices are usually in busy locations where there is a high footfall.

“When people come into the shopping centre and find they have to go a long way to the post office, they will find that quite difficult.

“There are a lot fewer post offices than there used to be. This is the only one in my ward, so moving it somewhere not as convenient, when it is used by people from quite a wide area, is wrong.”

In his letter replying to Mrs McCall’s concerns, Mr Gale wrote: “Feedback mainly centered on concerns that the new location would be less convenient and that it would be preferable to see the Post Office in the main shopping area of Milton Keynes...

“Whilst I acknowledge that the new location is not inside the shopping centre itself, it is part of a vibrant new area very close to the shops in the centre of Milton Keynes and is well served by local bus services and car park facilities.”

He added: “I am confident that the new service will be suitably located to meet the needs of our customers in the local community.”

Mr Gale’s comments about a ‘vibrant’ area come despite the fact Sainsbury’s has closed its store in the Food Centre and Waitrose will have completed its move out off the area by the time the new post office opens.

The current branch will close on Saturday, June 15 with the new building opening to the public on Monday, June 17.