College predicts a ‘game changer’ in classroom teaching

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A college is predicting a possible game changer in the way students are taught – and a whole new market for technology businesses.

Milton Keynes College has teamed up with computer giants Dell and Microsoft to launch a pilot scheme involving 40 students and staff being given interconnected tablet computers.

The Chaffron Way college says the pilot is “ground-breaking” and could be “hugely significant for education in Britain”.

It basically means they can work anytime and anywhere.

An “enormous” new market could open up for companies that produce educational apps.

Dr Daniel Hidlebaugh who is in charge of the project for the college and himself a technological expert said this pilot project could “pave the way for a global change in the way education is delivered and received.

“Students will be able to interact directly with each other and with staff using all the same applications. They can give presentations directly onto classroom whiteboards or answer questions sent to them mid-lesson with the teacher able to view all the responses immediately.”

All the students’ work will be stored remotely in a “cloud” with no need for anything to be printed out and nothing ever being lost.

Dr Hidlebaugh added: “This pilot will help to develop and adapt new softwares specifically for students and teachers and could create an enormous new market for the companies concerned.

“For the students it isn’t all about work. The tablets could show them how to find a classroom they’re not familiar with or tell them what’s on the lunch menu that day. The guaranteed flow of information will be entirely student-focused.”

The trial was hugely over-subscribed with all teaching areas and large numbers of students volunteering to take part, all keen to get their hands on a tablet. It is believed to be the first such collaboration in the country using the specially adapted form of Windows 8 and Dell tablets.