College’s hub ideal for new apprentices

David Cameron
David Cameron

Milton Keynes College has backed Prime Minister David Cameron’s bid to get more businesses to take on apprentices.

Following Mr Cameron’s visit to Milton Keynes last Monday, Dr Julie Mills, Principal of MK College, said businesses in the area could benefit by taking on keen, eager young people.

The college has set up an Apprenticeship Hub to allow young people and businesses to come together through apprenticeships.

Dr. Mills said: “The Prime Minister is absolutely right to highlight just how incredibly significant the modern apprenticeship programme could be for the economy in years to come.

“Too few employers at the moment want to take on apprentices. That is why we are setting up an Apprenticeship Hub so that we can work more closely with as wide a range of employers as possible.

“Young people are voting with their feet. We have already recruited more apprentices this year than we expected to but we need and want to do more.