Company tackles fat kids epidemic by sponsoring Milton Keynes youth football team

Vincent Wong and John Lee
Vincent Wong and John Lee

Entrepreneurs John Lee and Vincent Wong have sponsored an under 12s football team as a direct response to high levels of childhood obesity and poverty in Milton Keynes.

They say obesity is at just under 20 per cent for 10-11 year olds in the area (2011/12) and just over the same statistic for those aged under 16 is living in poverty.

John and Vincent are co-founders of Wealth Dragons at the Milton Keynes Business Centre, in Foxhunter Drive, and they have given their backing to Willen Jaguars. They said: “We are both big sporting fans, love where we live and work as well as the synergy of empowering people in all aspects of their lives.

“Success in life is reflected in the way you look, what you eat, where you hang out, your health and energy levels, what you think, as well as how your bank balance looks. Sport and wellbeing are essential to this vital health-wealth-success cocktail and habits formed when young stay with you! We might even have a kick around on the pitch but don’t tell anyone!”

Steven Flower, Willen’s under 12’s team’s manager, said: “The entire Willen organisation is very grateful for Wealth Dragons’ support, particularly at a time when most companies are feeling the pinch and under-16 obesity and poverty figures are depressingly high in MK.

“Sport is not only the ultimate unifier, it also instils the right mindset into young people for success in any or every area of their life. Not to mention the health benefits and team spirit it creates. Win-win – thank you so much to everyone at Wealth Dragons.”

Willen Jaguars was formed in 1989 starting with two age ranges: under 11’s and under 13’s. Today’s club now has more than 300 players, ranging from under 6s to under 16s.