Defending the rules on toxic chemicals in Milton Keynes

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New rules that will lower food safety standards and relax the rules on toxic chemicals will be targetted by the Green Party on Saturday.

Green MEP Keith Taylor will lead a demonstration opposite The Point against the TTIP trade deal.

The Green Party claim that the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) being negotiated between the EU and USA will remove regulatory barriers that currently restrict trade. This includes lowering EU food safety standards to bring them into line with American standards, reducing workers’ rights, and relaxing regulations on the use of toxic chemicals.

Keri Edmonds, spokesman for the Milton Keynes Green Party, said: “If TTIP goes through then we can say goodbye to the high standards that make Britain a great nation.

“We will see the death of the NHS in favour of privatised healthcare, frighteningly lower food standards, and corporations being given unprecedented power to sue governments if they think their future potential profits are being infringed on - even if the government is acting in the public interest.”

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