Doing the Bolt as new McDonald’s opens

Staff at the new McDonald's at Brickhill doing the Bolt
Staff at the new McDonald's at Brickhill doing the Bolt

There’s more than one link between a new McDonald’s in Milton Keynes and champion sprinter Usain Bolt.

Apart from the Olympian professing to eat the burger chain’s chicken nuggets and staff ‘doing the Bolt’ before its opening in Galley Lane, Brickhill, there’s also some equipment recycled from McDonald’s restaurants used in London’s Olympic Park.

The new fast food restaurant, run by franchisee Ken Tomkins, has created 100 jobs to fulfil a commitment to open 24 hours a day. It opened on Wednesday after taking 10 weeks to construct.

Franchisee, Ken Tomkins, who owns the restaurant said: “I am thrilled to have opened this new restaurant in Milton Keynes, and to have created 100 new full and part time jobs in the area. Having started working in McDonald’s restaurants at the age of 21, and progressed to become a franchisee this is a very proud moment for me. The restaurant has been busy since it opened, and I would like to thank my staff for their continued hard work to give our customers the best possible experience.”

The restaurant has a policy of cooking meals to order as a way of saving waste and staff there are working to prepare burgers in less than one minute.

There are a number of features at the venue to keep McDonald’s experts purring. It is one of the first two-storey McDonald’s in the UK, has 130 indoor seats, 45 in the external patio area, a side-by-side drive thru and 28 space car park.

There are panoramic views and free Wifi but there’s also a 90 minute limit for people in the small car park. People who overstay their limit face a hefty fine from automatic number plate recognition.