Entrepreneurs set up MK companies in record numbers

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A record number of new companies were set up in Milton Keynes in the first half of 2012.

The 1,355 newly formed firms were more than any other first six months on record in the new city.

During the same period in 2011 some 1,223 companies were formed.

MD of Duport.co.uk, Peter Valaitis said: “With such an intense period of development in Milton Keynes, it’s no surprise that a record number of new companies have been set up during the first half of the 2012. As the town continues to develop, there should be ample opportunity for business start-ups to prosper.”

What’s more the company register for Milton Keynes increased by an impressive 618 companies in the first six months of this year, meaning that companies being born are vastly outnumbering the ones that die. This figure represents a 32 per cent rise when compared with the same period in 2011, according to the Duport Business Confidence Report.

There was a sharp dip in net company growth the first half of 2009 when the recession was at its height, but numbers have been rising steadily since then.

Mr Valaitis said: “Milton Keynes started life as a ‘new town’ back in 1967, and has grown and developed at a rapid pace since then. With rising numbers of new companies and a council that is committed to innovation and progress, the future of the Milton Keynes promises to be very exciting indeed.”

Duport believes the next decade promises to be a good one for Milton Keynes, making it a great place to start a new business and watch it grow with the city.

Duport praised Milton Keynes Council for its Economic Development Strategy – specifically its focus on developing and diversifying the knowledge economy, improve training and job opportunities and to provide support for business start-ups in the area.

The firm says the council’s “increased support for new businesses may already be having an effect, as the town has seen a record number of company registrations in the first half of this year.”