Experts probe farming’s climate change impact

Agriculture is a major contributor to climate change
Agriculture is a major contributor to climate change
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Cranfield is to be involved in a project looking at how agriculture and farming practices are contributing to climate change.

As the UK moves towards tackling climate change, increasing understanding of how agriculture contributes is becoming increasingly important.

Current estimates are that agriculture is responsible for about eight per cent of all UK greenhouse gas emissions. The way agricultural emissions are calculated, however, fails to take into account the differences between farming practices or the effects of innovative approaches and policies.

Funded by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) and involving 17 partners, the Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Research Platform is seeking to improve the accuracy and resolution of the reporting system by providing the necessary evidence.

There are three projects in this initiative and Cranfield is involved in all of them. It will be providing data through its national soils database.