Extra help for Milton Keynes youngsters looking for jobs

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Young people are being given extra help to get work, with more help in finding jobs, getting training, and improving their mindset.

Milton Keynes College is working the REED NCFE partnership with to connect learners with employers through the 3 x Campaign. The campaign is so named because it aims to make young people three times more likely to get a job, three times more likely to be promoted, three times more likely to be retained, and able to access three times more jobs.

Alasdair Downes at The REED NCFE Partnership said: “The 3 x Campaign is targeted at supporting young people from education into employment, by equipping them with the right mindset to succeed. We do this by offering support on CV writing, job search and interview techniques, as well as connecting them with local employers.

“The latest unemployment figures for the South East underline how important it is that young people have the right skills to enter the job market. We’ve got the job of developing these skills and connecting learners with the 75 per cent of jobs that are never advertised.”

Nick Isles, Deputy Principal at Milton Keynes College said: “With over 430 Milton Keynes College students placed in employment since 2013, our on-site REED NCFE recruitment service, branded “The Work Hive”, has had a huge impact on our students’ learning experience. Not only have our learners been able to connect with the city’s top employers but we’ve also witnessed a marked effect on learners’ confidence in and out of classrooms and workshops.”

For more information visit http://reed.ncfe.org.uk