Families unable to cover basic costs of living

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RESIDENTS in Milton Keynes who have sought help for debt problems are struggling even more than this time last year according to figures from a national charity.

A total of 891 people in the Milton Keynes area contacted the Consumer Credit Counselling Service in 2011. On average they owed a total of £18,510 – slightly higher than the UK average of £17,983.

Residents contacting the charity for help were an average £26 a month worse off than in 2010, with the average resident £35 short of the amount of money needed to cover their basic living expenses, much less debt repayments, each month.

Delroy Corinaldi, CCCS director of external affairs, said: “I am concerned that as the financial squeeze continues to tighten, many more people in Milton Keynes are at risk of falling into serious debt.”