Firm helps carpet business get foothold in Falklands

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Storage experts in Milton Keynes has been racking up the miles to get equipment to a customer in the south Atlantic.

APEX Linvar, in Garamonde Drive, Wymbush, picked up a customer in the Falkland Islands after being recommended by suppliers to a business on the British outpost 8,000 miles away.

Chris Gilbert, whose business, Decor Services is based in the capital Stanley, supplies a range of floor coverings and carpets to homes, offices and military sites across the islands. He is investing in a new warehouse on the Falklands because he believes it is set for growth.

APEX Linvar’s reputation meant the racking it designs, manufactures and installs was recommended to Mr Gilbert.

Mr Gilbert said: “The government here has released plots for new homes, which will create an opportunity, and, with the potential for oil drilling and associated industries, I can see that more opportunities will be there.

“I asked suppliers in the UK for recommendations and APEX Linvar was the name that came up.

“The racking has to be a certain specification and configuration for the warehouse so that I can store between 70 and 100 rolls of carpet at any one time.”

APEX Linvar has been around for 75 years, but this is the first time that it has been commissioned to design a racking solution for a company in the Falklands.

APEX Linvar chief executive Anthony Finlayson-Green said: “It’s fantastic that our reputation is spreading across the world and I am delighted that we could deliver a bespoke solution to a customer 8,000 miles away.”