Fitness firm gets £400,000 training booster

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A franchise company’s training and skills development programme has been given a £400,000 government grant.

Fitness firm The énergie Group, based in Tongwell Street, Fox Milne, Milton Keynes, has received the money from UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES) to invest in its national training programme.

It will be used to see raised skills, the creation of new jobs and apprenticeships, and help drive enterprise and the group’s growth.

The Employer Ownership of Skills Pilot is a competitive fund open to employers to invest in current and future workforce in England.

Jan Spaticchia, chief executive at the énergie Group said: “The potential to give our team of franchisees even greater knowledge in their fields that can be passed to their employees is extremely exciting and will further demonstrate our commitment to investing in the people that have chosen to invest in the énergie brand.”

Karrin Simpson, training manager at the énergie Group National Training Centre in Milton Keynes will lead the project.

She said: “We are delighted that énergie has been recognised and rewarded for its business success, especially during its 10 year anniversary. The funding will enable us to give franchisees and their staff an even greater structure of training as well as develop our own internal team.

“We will create a sustainable model using both internal and external resources to empower our training leaders to ensure longevity for the group.”

Part of the new training methods will include digital podcasts that can easily be passed on through multimedia channels.