Free job hunt help

Kate Russell, the HR headmistress
Kate Russell, the HR headmistress

A STONY Stratford-based human resources guru has launched a website and a series of workshops to help tackle the scourge of youth unemployment.

Kate Russell, the so-called HR Headmistress, has free job seeking tools including CV templates and interview tips at

The free workshops, called Build and Fly Your Own Rocket, have been offered on a regional basis but Kate aims to roll them out to schools across the UK.

The final workshop looks at what will be expected once in the workplace, how to keep a job and how to progress along the career path.

Kate said: “To sum it up, Build and Fly Your Own Rocket primarily deals with attitude and approach – the two key ingredients needed to get a job.”

Schools and colleges should contact programme co-ordinator Susie Fisk on: 0845 644 8955 or email: