From the Mounties to Milton Keynes as college strengthens management team

From left Dr. Daniel Hidlebaugh and Nick Isles
From left Dr. Daniel Hidlebaugh and Nick Isles

A former Canadian mounted policeman and a business high flyer have joined the ranks of management at Milton Keynes College.

Dr Daniel Hidlebaugh served as a Royal Canadian Mounted Policeman – who was shot while on duty – and a Major in the Canadian military before becoming a globally recognised computer expert.

New deputy principal Nick Isles has provided business consultancy to internationally known names like Tesco and Asda as well as being an advisor to leading politicians in Britain and Europe.

Dr Hidlebaugh, a recognised authority on networks and particularly on “cloud” technology, plans to ensure the computer systems at the college make it a world leader among educational establishments. He is designing a cloud specifically for the college where students and staff can share information across classes and disciplines.

He said: “There are so many things which can be done here which will provide enormous opportunities for all the students and the staff to broaden their horizons.

“There is a word I will not hear used when it comes to making the most of all the possibilities technology offers, and that word is “no.”

“I cannot give too much away yet, but I can promise that students considering Milton Keynes College in the future will have significant and exciting incentives to want to come to us to study.”

Dr Hidlebaugh set up one of the first Internet Service Providers in Canada before leading a research team looking at wireless technologies at the world famous Bell Labs in the United States.

He has worked in Britain for the past 11 years, combining teaching with designing and building networks.

Mr Isles is the author of The Good Work Guide and has held senior positions at the Work Foundation, the Employment Policy Institute and the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

He said: “Milton Keynes College really appealed to me because I’ve always been attracted to values-driven organisations. I hope my experience across all sectors, public, private and voluntary will be really useful here and I want to see the college right up there in the top 10 of British Further Education Colleges.

“Everywhere I’ve worked – and all the research supports this – I have seen how people work better when they’re given the opportunity to make as many of the decisions as possible which affect the work they do. I want to help give staff the confidence to take control because I know the results will be exceptional.”

Milton Keynes College chief executive and Principal, Dr Julie Mills, said: “It’s a real coup for Milton Keynes College to have Nick and Daniel here. Nick has some terrific ideas about how to move us forward and his track record in improving organisations speaks for itself.

“With all Daniel’s experience and expertise he’s going to make dramatic changes which will put us at the forefront of the teaching and use of computers in British education.

“We’re just so pleased to have both of them with us and look forward to an exciting future, providing exceptional teaching and an enriching learning environment for all of our students.”