Geeks gather to talk about a revolution

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Scores of techie geeks gathered in Milton Keynes last night (Thursday) to discuss a revolution.

The Buszy, in Elder Gate, was buzzing with creative industry experts not contemplating the overthrow of the government but the future of social media.

Developer and designer Aral Balkan gave a keynote speech attacking the concept of so-called free services like Twitter, Facebook and Google. “Free is a lie,” he said. In order to provide ‘free’ services, some big name companies gather data from users in order to target advertising and make money, he said.

He said it was time for designers to hit back by using open source software and hardware to create products that could be used by people who would not have to compromise their personal information.

MK Geek Night gets people in the creative industries together to hear top line speakers, have a few beers and generally network. Last night’s event was the third since the group was launched earlier this year. It was created by Richard Wiggins of Pixel Creation, in Wicken, and David Hughes, creator of MyBarclaycard.

Dave Addey, MD of app creators Agant, told the audience he sometimes tries to put potential clients off developing an app if he doesn’t believe the idea will work. His company created UK Train Times, a BAFTA-nominated Malcolm Tucker app and QI & Arsenal apps.

The format of the evening is two main speakers, three five minute speakers and people are given the chance to make a one-minute pitch if they have services to sell or need to employ people with particular skills.

Front-end and WordPress developer Adam Onishi warned of the dangers of burnout among young professionals who feel they have to work all hours. He warned: “I got to the stage where I was only thinking of the money and letting my friends down.” He urged people to find the time to switch off.

The next MK Geek Night will be held in March 2013. For more details, visit