Getting some interaction at the airport...

A Tensator virtual assistant at Dubai
A Tensator virtual assistant at Dubai

A Milton Keynes company has installed what it believes is the first virtual assistant that can talk back, at an airport in the Middle East.

Tensator, in Danbury Court, Linford Wood, is a specialist in queue management and what it calls “customer journey solutions”, making virtual assistants for airports like Luton.

The virtual assistants are projections that relay messages to people as they queue. Now Tensator has taken the idea a step forward by putting touch screens near the assistants for customers to get answers to questions.

One of the next generation assistants has been placed in Dubai’s international airport.

The interactive, HD-projected Tensator Virtual Assistant greets passengers and provides audio and video, as well as inviting passengers to interact with her.

Passengers can access both Arabic and English information relating to frequently asked questions such as the location of departure gates, restrooms and check-in areas via the interactive touchscreen.

Abdel Aziz Rahal, of Tensator, said: “Reactions by passengers have been tremendously positive. She calls attention to critical way-finding information and makes passengers stop, look, listen and now interact and engage with her.”