Green taxi firm aims to be first to have electric vehicles in its fleet

A Skyline driver proudly displays company accreditation
A Skyline driver proudly displays company accreditation

A TAXI and private hire company is celebrating its green credentials.

Family owned Skyline Taxis, in Blundells Road, Bradville, Milton Keynes, has been awarded ISO: 9001 and ISO: 14001 for quality management and environmental management.

Skyline is also putting more than 350 of its 400 drivers through ongoing NVQ customer service training.

Thomas Blakeburn, 25, responsible for marketing at Skyline, said the company endeavours to “provide the best level of service we can offer whilst controlling and reducing our impact on the environment”.

He added: “Systems and procedures we have put in place to attain ISO certification significantly improve our day-to-day operations and reduce our carbon footprint.”

He added: “As a part of our environmental management strategy we are increasing the number of hybrid vehicles in our fleet. If we can reduce our carbon footprint, businesses using taxis can contribute to making MK greener.”

The firm wants to be the city’s first taxi operator to have electric vehicles in fleet.