Helping OAPs to celebrate

The spirit of Christmas
The spirit of Christmas

A NEW home help business in Milton Keynes is offering to put up Christmas trees and decorations for the city’s pensioners and those in need.

Extra Help LTD is run by Sarah Jackson, 36, from her home in Gloucester Road, Wolverton, and is offering the free service as a way of promoting the new business.

She said: “There is a need for home help service in MK.

“We need to start making our community aware we are here to help for even small tasks but want to offer this free service as a lot of elderly citizens don’t bother with a Christmas tree and decorations as its too much hard work. We want to do this free for them.”

Extra Help would normally charge £10-per-hour or £7 for half an hour for things like preparing meals, going shopping, completing small maintenence jobs, transport, dog walking and even providing someone to talk to.

Contact Extra Help on the internet at or phone 0845 6182904.