‘Huge challenges’ in pipeline for HR pros

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HUMAN resources experts face their toughest challenge in the aftermath of recession, research has found.

Recruitment giant Randstad, which has a base in Silbury Boulevard, Central Milton Keynes, believes the long-term reputation of HR will be shaped by how it manages staffing in the coming months.

Randstad’s research showed that the three crucial challenges for HR departments are expected to be:

l Major new legislation changes such as Agency Workers Regulations.

l Rapidly escalating employee mobility.

l Social networking reputation risks.

Mark Bull, CEO of Randstad UK, said: “After an overwhelming vote of confidence, HR departments now face a decisive year ahead. Things are moving fast. In particular the Agency Workers Regulations (AWR), which come into force on October 1, need to be prepared for now.

“Many employees are also starting to flex their new found confidence by securing employment elsewhere – leading to skills gap issues which many recovering organisations can ill afford.

“Tackling the challenges while moving quickly to capitalise on the opportunities will ensure HR departments help organisations prepare for the future, while cementing their own strategic standing.”

The Agency Workers Regulations will give agency workers the right to the same basic working and employment conditions that they would have been entitled to if they had been recruited.

However only a small minority of employers have done anything to prepare for the impact of the new entitlements.

On the subject of social networking, just 35 per cent of UK employers are engaging with employees to provide guidelines on how to best present the company within social media – compared with 70 per cent of employers in India and 52 per cent of employers in China.

Randstad says this leaves many UK organisations exposed to reputation risks, and also missing out on the opportunities social networking offers.

Randstad has produced a Workpocket guide on HR and employment issues, containing insights into best practice and featuring case studies from organisations including BNP Paribas, Pace, Barclays Retail Bank, Acme Whistles and Unilever.

Complimentary editions are being delivered to Randstad company clients and copies can also be requested at www.randstad.co.uk