It’s not smart – MK loses bid for £24million to be a city of the future

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Milton Keynes has lost a bid to become a testbed for future technologies.

The Technology Strategy Board’s ‘Future Cities Demonstrator’ would have meant £24million to demonstrate how providing new integrated services can improve the local economy and increase the quality of life.

Glasgow’s winning bid will allow UK businesses to test new solutions that can be exported around the globe. Milton Keynes and 29 other areas went for the prize pot.

Minister for Universities and Science David Willetts said: “We are in a global race and Glasgow can keep the UK at the forefront of innovative technology ideas. From transport systems to energy use and health, this demonstrator will play a key part in the government’s industrial strategy and give real insight into how our cities can be shaped in the future.”

The Milton Keynes bid had been put together by Milton Keynes Council and University Campus MK and had been supported by £50,000 from the government-backed Technology Strategy Board to carry out a feasibility study.

Milton Keynes is already a pioneering city for electric cars and the council, in partnership with Eon, has 75 experimental homes that use smart technology. In some, householders can switch on their central heating system for certain rooms from their iPad, so they can, for instance, heat their home just as they are leaving work.