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Mr Kaye trials new Eon smart meter App
Mr Kaye trials new Eon smart meter App

HAVE you ever left the oven or the iron on and fretted whether your home will still be standing when you get back?

Well that particular stress doesn’t really bother a whole host of people in Milton Keynes.

For they’ve got the kit to be able to press a button on a screen whether they are at work, out shopping... or on holiday in Timbuktu.

For about a year now 75 homes in Milton Keynes have had smart home technology installed as part of a Smart Homes for the Future partnership between power people E.ON, Milton Keynes Council and National Energy Foundation.

They’ve been guinea pigs to provide data and insights on how we use electricity and gas, with a view to saving money and carbon.

The first phase of the trial has been completed and E.ON reckons the information it provides is “unprecedented and is changing the way E.ON approaches in-home energy management with its customers.”

Chris Rimmer, programme manager for E.ON’s Thinking Energy project, said: “It’s a clear indication that by using innovative technology and putting the power in peoples’ hands, people can easily make significant energy and financial savings.”

The technology measures individual electrical appliances use through smart plugs. Participants can easily monitor and control the energy use of their TV, PC, washing machine or fridge

Participant Judith Kaye lives in Shenley Lodge with her husband.

Judith has been able to take a closer eye on her energy use. Judith and her mum of 82 have been keen users of the smartphone app.

She said: “Using the smartphone app to control our electrical appliances has also allowed us to manage our home in a way that suits our lives. When I’m out walking the dog, I can heat the kettle and switch on the lights when I’m close to home, so everything is ready when I open the front door.

“Before we installed the Smart Plus technology, she used to keep her lights on all the time so she could see where she was going at night. Now she can use the app to turn on the lights she needs.”