James Bond? More like minus 006!

Spy Games in Milton Keynes
Spy Games in Milton Keynes

TWENTY hardy chamber of commerce members experienced a team-building exeperience with a difference - and freezing temperatures.

With thermometers recording a muscle-juddering minus six degrees, Milton Keynes was more like Siberia - appropriate given the spy-based theme of the activities the participants were asked to experience.

The company running the showcase on behalf of Milton Keynes and North Bucks Chamber is called Spy Games Ltd and they are based in Singleborough near Milton Keynes.

Two teams - aptly named ‘Brass Monkeys’ and ‘Spooks’ - were created and undertook a number of challenges to accumulate ‘Spy Dollars’ including safe cracking, codebreaking, problem solving, pistol handling and a number of physical challenges to help keep the blood circulating.

Established in 2001, Spy Games works with some of the largest companies in the world to deliver espionage related team building activities, training programmes, product promotions and corporate entertainment.

The more adventurous can be trained in hostage rescue, evasive driving and even get to act as a criminal mastermind and organise a diamond heist.

The Spooks team came out on top and went home with the winners trophies.

To find out more about Spy Games call 0845 1303 007 or contact the Chamber of Commerce on 01908 259000 or visit www.mk-chamber.co.uk.