Landlords warn of rise in rents if fees come in

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Private landlords have warned Milton Keynes housing could be blighted if the council introduces a new system of licensing for all 18,000 homes in the rented sector.

Milton Keynes Council is currently consulting on what it calls “selective” licensing of possibly the entire private rented sector because of anti-social behaviour in the city.

Alex Caravello, of Milton Keynes Private Landlords Association, said a new fee of around £900 would be passed on to tenants in increased rents.

He added that in other parts of the country such a system of licensing has been found to be costly and unworkable and has blighted communities, leading to crashes in the property market and lenders refusing to give mortgages.

Councillor Edith Bald, Milton Keynes Council’s housing chief, said she thought spending £12,500 on consulting about the issues, including Houses In Multiple Occupation (HIMO), was a “blooming good investment” on an important issue.

The council has reiterated that there are no proposals to introduce new licences for HIMOs and/or all privately rented housing.

The consultation closes on October 11.