Lawyers launch mediation service

A FAMILY law firm has launched a new specialist practice to take the lead in the changing world of divorce.

Adams Moore, which has offices in Milton Keynes, Bletchley, Luton and Bedford has created Affinity Mediation which aims to help divorcing couples communicate and agree settlements out of the courts.

Affinity Mediation is led by Clare Cain, a family law specialist and head of the Mediation and Collaborative practice at Adams Moore; and Nicolette Zarka, lead solicitor at Adams Moore, Luton, an experienced mediator, collaborative lawyer and children’s panel solicitor.

Clare Cain, of Affinity Mediation said: “We passionately believe that mediation or collaborative law should be the preferred choice of couples who separate. We have seen a significant rise in the number of couples choosing mediation, which is why we have launched Affinity.

“We give couples the opportunity to communicate and to say what they would rarely get an opportunity to say in court. We work through their differences and reach solutions that work best for them and their families.”

She added that children can also be involved in mediation, which can reduce the amount of damage in cases and help youngsters to identify with both parents.

The government wants all couples to attend mediation before they go to court to try and resolve matters relating to their children and their finances.

Affinity Mediation is based in Silbury Boulevard, Milton Keyes. Its mediators are trained through Resolution, an organisation of family lawyers dedicated to resolving matters in a non confrontational approach.