Leader’s challenge to businesses

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THE leader of Milton Keynes Council has appealed to the new city’s business community to help shape the future.

Councillor Andrew Geary spoke out at the September meeting of the City Breakfast Club.

Mr Geary told around 100 members of the business community that the borough council is working on various plans to shape the way Milton Keynes develops up to the year 2026.

Strategies either being worked on, or on the way, include a spatial strategy to 2026 and a corporate plan for 2012-2016.

Mr Geary said: “Hold us to account but join with us to make it happen. We want Milton Keynes to be an even greater place for years to come.”

Theo Chalmers, of Urban Eden, was worried that Lloyds Court would become “another Hub” while development opposite the city centre Sainsbury’s could become “like Hong Kong”.

Councillor John Bint, the council’s highways and transport chief, told Mr Chalmers that he shares his concerns.

“Moving forward is quite difficult,” he said. “There are policy-based justifications for developers.”

But he said he was hoping that the council could complete new policy documents while hoping to persuade potential developers to work with the council on plans.

> The Corporate Plan consultaton is available at www.milton-keynes.gov.uk/mkcconsultationdetails